“With all of the technologies of today, this test gives you wonderful data to access your injury for your doctors. Dr. Zaneteas is direct and covers every angle of your muscles and nerves. I was apprehensive about the testing, but it wasn’t as bad as I anticipated. Just relax and be amazed at your muscle action.”
Juliann, age 59

“The members of your office family are very warm and professional. The doctor maintains a conversation while doing his job and this takes some of the discomfort out of the procedure. He was informative in his discussions of my situation. These factors made the testing go quickly and without any trepidation. Thank you all for the quick services and care.”
Jack, age 65

“I came to examine my shoulder problem. He explained to me the diagnostic procedures. During the examination, he talked to me and tried to distract me when he was using a small needle so that I would not be shocked by the stimulus. Upon completion of the diagnostic, he used words easy for me to understand the findings and next course of treatment.”
Hiroyuki, age 43

“Handled professionally. Polite, caring, prompt, on time.”
Murray, age 61

“The entire office staff is awesome- friendly, helpful, and professional. Dr. Z has a wonderful bedside manner; patient relations are obviously important to him. The atmosphere was very comfortable- I would recommend him to anyone!”
Janis, age 59

“The staff was very warm and friendly. Dr. Zaneteas was extremely knowledgeable, reassuring, and thoroughly explained all results in a patient friendly way. I appreciated the entire office’s atmosphere.”
Karen, age 51